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Starting your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Journey

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Study after study shows that the more diverse and inclusive an organisation, the greater its success and the bigger its profits when assessed against comparative companies. This comes as no surprise - creating a homogenous culture (whether that's gender, ethnicity, sexuality, educational background, or any other 'characteristic') creates a single hive-mind with identical thought processes, opinions and experiences. This results in a blinkered approach to decision making, which inadvertently ignores all the other possibilities to which the incumbent cohort is oblivious.

Many companies are beginning to understand the negative business implications of a singcutting-costs-maximizing-resultsular culture and trying to take steps in the right direction. (We're not fans of building a 'culture', per se, but prefer working towards a set of inclusive core values - more on that and the differences between the two later).

However, whilst their efforts may be well-intentioned, many start in the wrong place - introducing unconscious bias training for their hiring managers and setting targets for their talent acquisition team to source 'diverse candidates' from numerous channels.

Outcomes from unconscious bias training are poor - simply normalising the idea that all individuals have underlying biases, and diversity hiring targets simply plaster over deep cracks.

Instead, start with a focus on the foundations of your business, and create systemic changes across the entire company. Ensure your interview panels reflect the talent pools you are hiring from, provide appropriate training to elevate existing talent into positions of leadership, diversify your executive team and Board of Directors...

There are many more starting points, but only by being willing to shine a light on your internal practices and address the issues from within, will your diversity hiring efforts pay dividends, to the point that DEI is second nature. You'll then see the difference in your profits and OpEx.

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